If your site was created before June 2020, it might be eligible for a major upgrade.

On June 1, 2020, WashU Sites introduced a new version of the WashU Web Theme that changes how you edit pages. The new page editor integrates the layout tools of a page builder like Tailor into the default page editor. No more switching between editors and keeping track of editing modes — this update combines the best of both into a single powerful editor.

For now, sites may opt into the new editor. Eventually, the upgrade will be required of all WashU Web Theme sites.

A new page editor

Since your site is in the WashU Web Theme, you’re already familiar with the Classic Editor, which has one editing pane resembling a word processor for all of a page’s content. You also may have used the Tailor page builder, entering content in separate, movable elements like cards and billboards.

The new page editor — the block editor — replaces the Classic Editor and Tailor, combining their features into a single editor.

The new page editor is block based. Every element on a page, including text, headings and columns, are separate, moveable blocks.

How to update

WashU Sites Support is contacting all site owners to schedule updates to the new editor. When your site is updated depends on its university affiliation. If you’d like the new editor sooner, you may also request an upgrade.

After the new page editor is installed, all pages and posts created before the update will have to be manually converted to the new page editor. We’ve worked hard to make this conversion as smooth as possible. And, as always, we’re here to help if you get stuck.