Strange things afoot? Troubleshoot!

Changes not showing

You’ve edited a page but don’t see your updates on the live site.

First, make sure it’s plugged in – that is, make sure the page is published (not a draft), and that you’ve hit Update/Apply/Save in the same tab where you made your edits (if you work in multiple windows or tabs, we’re looking at you!).

If your saved edits aren’t appearing, it’s probably a caching issue. Your web browser may be showing you the cached, or archived, version of a page instead of the new version with your changes. Continue reading to learn how to clear your cache.


How to clear your browser cache

  1. Hold down the Shift key while clicking your browser’s refresh button. Alternatively, using keyboard shortcuts, press Shift + F5 on a PC, or Shift + Command + R on a Mac. Still no luck? Read on.
  2. View the page in another browser. For example, if you’re using Chrome, try Firefox. If your changes appear in the other browser, try clearing your previous browser’s cache.

If clearing the cache doesn’t work

Take a deep breath … and wait.

There are some cases when clearing the browser cache still doesn’t show your saved changes. That probably means the caching is occurring on a remote server over which you have no control. Some servers may take up to 24 hours to update.

If you’ve waited more than 24 hours and your edits are still missing in action, let us know and we’ll investigate.

Styling and spacing issues

Text looks weird

Your page has text that is the wrong font, color or size.

Mis-styled text was most likely copied and pasted from another website or document without using the paste as text tool. This tool strips out the coding from the source site or application.

Solution: Highlight and cut the rogue text. In the toolbar, activate the paste as text button, which looks like a clipboard with a ‘T’ on it. Now, paste the cut text back onto the page. Remember to add headings, links, bullets and other styles into the text you’ve cut and pasted.

Extra spacing

There’s a gap in your content and hitting the delete/backspace button isn’t working.

Solution: Click on the Text tab in the content editor. See if there’s a bit of code that says &nbsp and delete it. Switch back to the Visual tab.

Can’t edit content in Tailor

You see this message, while editing in Tailor:
“This page has been edited using Tailor. Please switch to Tailor mode so your changes aren’t lost.”

Solution: Go to the text tab of the content element and delete the three < div > tags at the top and bottom of the code. (Need some help understanding the code? Check our quick guide to HTML.)

Image issues

Image not showing

A featured image has been inserted but doesn’t appear.

Solution: Most likely, the photo that was uploaded doesn’t meet the minimum requirements listed under the “Set featured image” link.

View our Image Size Cheat Sheet for minimum and recommended sizes, then upload a new image that meets the minimum dimensions.

Screenshot of featured image helper text for People:

Helper text when setting the featured image on a People post.

Screenshot of featured image helper text for pages:

Helper text when setting the featured image on a page.

Images edges are chopped off

The full image doesn’t show, perhaps cutting off heads or limbs. (Awkward!)

This screenshot of a card shows how the edges of an image are cut off to fit the dimensions of the background image.

If it’s the background image of a Card

This happens because images are automatically scaled to fit a card’s width, which may crop significant portions from the top and bottom. 

Solution: Use a solid color or abstract image for a card’s background. Or, use the Box or Content element instead.

If it’s the page’s featured image 

The image dimensions may not match the featured image footprint.

Solution: Like Clarissa, these tutorials explain it all:

Image is stretched, squashed or fuzzy

The image quality is poorer than the file you uploaded.

The image likely wasn’t optimized for the web (which requires smaller file sizes), so WordPress has compressed it for you. 

Solution: Compress the image before uploading it your site. Here’s how to save photos for web.