Inserting a List of People, Places or Items

Add a list of people, places or items to a page using Tailor.

  This tutorial explains how to add a list of People, Places or Items posts as a Tailor element. If you’ve never used Tailor before, read the intro tutorial first.

  To add a list of People, Places or Items, you’ll need to have created at least one post of that type first.

Getting started

  • In Tailor mode, drag the element PPI: List onto the page. (The PPI: List element is different from the List element.)
  • By default, Tailor will show People. You can switch to Places or Items later.
  • Click on the element; a blue outline should appear around the entire list.
    Screenshot of PPI: List element editor


  • Click Edit in the top right corner.
  • The PPI: List editor panel will appear on the right side of your screen.

Choose post type

Screenshot of PPI: Post Type FilterFrom the Post Type dropdown menu, select People, Places or Items.

Select post order

Screenshot of PPI: Order Filter

Choose which attribute to Order By: 

  • Name (Post Title):
    Alphabetizes People by last name, Places and Items by post title
  • Publish Date:
    Chronological in order published
  • Menu Order:
    Custom order set by site editor (see instructions below)

Choose Ascending or Descending.

How to customize post order

  1. From the Dashboard, click the post type you’re ordering in the menu on the left (People, Places or Items)
  2. Drag-and-drop post titles into the desired order; changes are saved automatically
  3. If drag-and-drop is not available, go to Dashboard > Plugins, activate Post Type Ordering, then go back to step one

Choose number of posts per page

Use the slider, or type in a number, to increase or decrease the number of posts shown per page.

The maximum number per page is 999; however, we recommend showing 10-30.

Select a subset of posts to show, or show all

If you’re using categories for People, Places or Items, you can customize your PPI: List to only show posts from one or more specific categories.

In this example, only People posts categorized as Staff will be listed on the page.

This is done using the field labeled Only these People/Places/Items categories.

To limit which posts are shown, enter the name of the desired category. You can enter multiple categories.

If you want to show all posts, or if you aren’t using categories, leave this field empty.

Display as either a list or grid

From the Display As dropdown menu, choose List or Grid.

Screenshot of PPI: Display As DropdownList

Shows one post per row. Recommended for tiles with a lot of information and for lists that your visitors will need to fully read/scan.
See list examples »


Screenshot of PPI: Filter OptionsShows multiple tiles per row, with all items per row the same height.
See grid example »

Toggling masonry will vary the height of each card for a staggered, Pinterest look. This option is not recommended unless visitors will be browsing information, rather than reading each post in a row. (Note that you cannot see the masonry effect until a page has been published.)

Choose the number of Items Per Row from the dropdown menu.

Show filters

If your People, Places or Items are categorized and you left #5 above blank or chose to display more than one category, you can show categories as filters above your PPI list.

For lists of People, you also have the option to include an A to Z filter.

Category Filters

Screenshot of PPI: Show Filter

Toggle Show Filter on to display all relevant categories as filters above the list of posts.

When a user clicks a category name, the list will filter to show only those People, Place or Item tiles.

See example of category filters »

A-Z Filters (People only)

A-Z filtering gives your site visitors the ability to filter People by last name.

Screenshot of A-Z Listing

The list will display in ascending or descending order depending on the ordering option you selected in step 3. The letters in use will display in Red.

*A-Z filtering looks best when at least 5 letters are in use.

Screenshot of A-Z Filter

Toggle on Show A-Z Filter to display the alphabetical list for the People post type.

The A-Z Filter can be used with the Category Filter or by itself.

Important: If you are editing an existing PPI list, you will need to make sure Show Filter is toggled on and Save the page again.

PPI list examples


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All of the tutorials on this website were created as items. This makes them filterable and allows us to easily insert the same tutorial on multiple pages.

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