Tailor Element: Box

Use this Tailor element to organize content into neat little boxes.

A box is a Tailor element. If you’ve never used Tailor before, read the intro tutorial first.

Pro tip: A box is similar to a card. Not sure which one to use?
See the box versus card face-off »

Add the box

  • Drag the Box element onto the page.
  • Click on the box near the WordPress icon (not on the placeholder text); a blue outline should appear around the entire box.
  • Click Edit in the top right corner.

Add a title

  • Type in a title.
  • Horizontal alignment: In general, we recommend leaving it at the default, left.

Choose a graphic type

By default, the Graphic Type is set to icon, and the WordPress logo is selected. Options in the dropdown menu include:

  • Icon: When Icon is selected you can click Change Icon or Remove Icon if you don’t want any visuals at the top of your Box
  • Image: Choose an image from your media library or upload a new one.
    • Fill out the alt text field if the image is vital to a user’s understanding of your content; otherwise leave it blank.

After making your selection, click ApplySee examples further down the page.

Add text

Box examples

The examples below show the graphic options you have for buttons. Show an image, icon, or no graphic at all. See step three above to learn how to select the graphic type.


If you want to display an image at the top of your box:

  • Select Image from the Graphic Type dropdown.
  • Click the Select Image button.
  • Choose an image from the Media Library or upload a new one.

Box with no graphic

If you don’t want an icon or image at the top of your box:

  • Click the Remove Icon button under the WordPress logo.

Different icon

If you want to choose a different icon from the icon library:

  • Click the Change Icon button under the WordPress logo.
  • Pick an icon that relates to your box’s content.
    • Be consistent: Always use the same icon to represent the same concept.
  • Click the blue Select button.
  • Select a Graphic Size; small is recommended in most cases.