Tailor Element: Billboard

Use a billboard to call out important information on a colored background.

A billboard is a Tailor element. If you’ve never used Tailor before, read the intro tutorial first.

  1. Drag the Billboard element onto the page or post you’re editing
  2. Click on the billboard near an edge (not on the placeholder text); a blue outline should appear around the entire box
  3. Click Edit in the top right corner
  4. Horizontal alignment: In general, we recommend leaving it at the default, left; however, centered can be appropriate to highlight very important content
  5. Select a Background Color from the dropdown menu: default (light gray), red, dark gray, turquoise or yellow
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click on the billboard’s placeholder text; a blue outline should appear around the text box
  8. Click Edit in the top right corner
  9. Add content using the visual editor
  10. Click Apply

Billboard examples

If something’s important enough to put in a billboard, it probably deserves its own row.

Fostering a welcoming culture

We are committed to ensuring that WashU is a community where everyone is valued and respected. By working collaboratively, we will create a better, stronger university that is a leader in educating students to live and work in an increasingly diverse world.

“Educating future leaders in a global environment is one of the world’s greatest opportunities”

John F. McDonnell

“Enhancing our diversity, while making Washington University a more inclusive place, is not an option. It is an imperative. And, we know that we have work to do.”

–Mark S. Wrighton

Combining Tailor elements within billboards

To include a link in a billboard, use the button element, as shown in the red and gray billboards below.

To make a button stand out, give it a row of its own at the bottom of the billboard. If the billboard text is centered, center the button. If the text is left-aligned, the button should be, too. Consistent alignment makes the content easier to read.

Creating your new site is easy!

In just a few simple steps, you can begin creating and managing your own website.

Connect. Learn. Contribute. 

Thought leaders from industry and universities across the country visit Washington University to share ideas. 

See Colloquia Series schedule

To create columns or display a photo in a billboard, simply drag additional content elements into the mix.

The turquoise example below includes three content elements and a button. The original content element (included when the billboard was added) is used for the header. Two more content elements were added below the header, side-by-side, to create columns of text. Then a button was added below. 

Application deadlines

  • May 3: Undergraduates 
  • May 5: Transfer students
  • May 10: Graduate students (full-time)
  • May 12: Graduate students (part-time)
  • May 13: University College

In the dark gray example below, the image is in one content element and the text is in another. 

“Call it St. Louis in context, as each part contextualizes the others and allows you to see connections, not just isolated, anecdotal incidents and destinations.”

–Prof. Bob Hansman, on his St. Louis community tours

By default – and as seen in the example above – elements in the same row are divided into columns of equal width (eg, two columns are 50% each, three columns are 33.3% each, and so on). 

You can adjust these proportions by dragging a column’s width to increase or decrease the percentage, as shown below.