Adjusting Settings for Places

Choose whether all of your place posts will display an image or a map.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > People, Places, Items Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Places section.
  3. Next to Places Card Display, select Featured Image or Static Map.

If you choose Map

Set the display map zoom level by typing in a number from 1-20, with 20 being the most zoomed in.

Zoom level

The degree to which your snippet maps are zoomed in or out should reflect your audience’s familiarity with your location.

People familiar with campus 

  • Recommended zoom: 15-17
  • If your site’s audience consists of people from within the WashU community who are familiar with your campus, a tighter zoom would be appropriate.

People unfamiliar with campus

  • Recommended zoom: 10-12
  • If you’re talking to an audience that isn’t as familiar with your location, such as patients or event attendees, a wider zoom may be better.

Examples of zoom level

For this website, our Places show a featured image rather than a static map. However if we did choose the map option, this is what the zoom options would look like.

Let’s assume your audience mostly consists of new WashU students. A zoom of 13 or 14 is too zoomed out to provide much context of where the DUC is on campus.

Zoom level: 13

Zoom level: 14

A zoom of 15 still seems too zoomed out; 16 is better.

Zoom level: 15

Zoom level: 16

A zoom of 17 provides some smaller street names that community members will know; whereas 18 is so zoomed in that street names are no longer visible.

Zoom level: 17

Zoom level: 18

Eric P. Newman Education Center

Conference center on the medical campus

For this location, the Eric P. Newman Education Center, located on the Medical Campus, let’s assume the website’s audience is people from around the Greater St. Louis area.

A zoom of 10 or 11 provides rich context for where the location is relative to downtown St. Louis and the Mississippi River, as well as cities within St. Louis County.

Zoom level: 10

Zoom level: 11

A zoom of 12 or 13 may not provide enough context for people west of Clayton or east of downtown, though most people are familiar with Forest Park.

Zoom level: 12

Zoom level: 13

Zooming to 14 or 15 provides little context for people who aren’t familiar with the Central West End or the intersection of S. Kingshighway Blvd. and Forest Park Ave.

Zoom level: 14

Zoom level: 15