Replacing an Existing Website

If your new WashU Site is replacing an existing website, you’ll need to take a few additional steps to get ready for launch.

Keeping the same URL

If your current site has a short and descriptive URL that’s working well, you’ll likely want to use the same domain for your new site as well (e.g., instead of

If you’d like to keep your domain, you can request a vanity URL or domain mapping.

When and how to request domain mapping

You can request domain mapping once your site is complete and ready to launch. You wouldn’t want to request domain mapping before your site is complete, or else people would see the unfinished product. #embarrassing

School of Medicine websites

Fill out the form on the Office of Medical Public Affairs website.

All other websites

Fill out the form on the Office of Public Affairs website.

  • For the Type of Request, choose Domain.
  • Check the box for “My domain is for a WashU Sites website” and fill in the URL of your WashU Site, e.g.
  • Check the box for “I’m replacing an existing domain,” and fill in the URL of your existing website.

Your request will be completed in 1-2 weeks.

Preventing links from breaking

Even if you’re keeping the same URL for your new site, you’ve likely restructured or renamed pages in a way that changes the URL for individual pages on your site. If that’s the case, you’ll need to set redirects so links don’t break when the new site launches.

Preparing your redirects »

Setting the redirects »

Maintaining Google Analytics tracking

If you have a Google Analytics tracking ID set up on your existing site, you’ll want to install it on your new site to keep that sweet data flowing.

Finding your tracking ID »

Installing your tracking ID on your new website »