Unhide from Search Engines

When you're ready to launch your site, change the visibility settings so search engines can find it. 

Your website’s privacy settings control whether or not Google and other search engines can find it.

Default setting: Hide from Google

When a WashU Site is first provisioned, the visibility is set to discourage search engines from indexing the site. Essentially, this means that anyone who has the link can access your site, but they won’t be able to find it through search engines like Google.

To “launch” your site: Allow indexing

When you’re ready to make your site live, change the setting from discouraging search engines to allow search engines to index this site.

Changing visibility settings

  1. From your site dashboard, in the left menu go to Settings > Reading
  2. Find Site Visibility at the bottom of the page
  3. To launch your site, select “Allow search engines to index this site”
  4. Click Save Changes


One more thing: Made the switch, but still not seeing any results? Use this guide to improve your site’s Google rankings.