Oceans, Atmosphere & Climate in the 21st Century

ArtSci Attributes: NS

Description: The global climate is indicated by the state and evolution of the oceans and atmosphere.The combined courses will provide a thorough introduction to the physical, chemical state and the evolutionary processes underway in the global climate as a result of natural and human influences.The requirements of an industrial society will be balanced against the impacts on the global climate system.

Notes: There are no prerequisites for these courses; however it is recommended that 108A be taken prior to 111A or 201.In this manner, the background understanding of the ocean and atmosphere will enable an easier transition to the nature of global climate change and environment.

CL1625 Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate in the 21st Century

2 courses are required

1 of the courses must be:
L19 EPSc 108A 3.00 Oceans and the Atmosphere (NS) Every 1 or 2 Ye / FL2017

Select 1:
L19 EPSc 111 3.00 Introduction To Global Climate Change In the 21st Century (NS) Every 1 or 2 Ye / SU2017
L19 EPSc 201 4.00 Earth and the Environment (NS) Every Semester / FL2017