Nonhuman Primates

ArtSci Attributes: NS

Description: This cluster is designed to give students an understanding of the evolution and ecology of living nonhuman primates; its themes are socioecology, behavior, adaptation, diversity, and the links of primate behavior to that of humans.

Notes: Anthro L48 150A is a prerequisite to the 300- and 400-level courses.Students may take the upper-level courses in any sequence.

CL1548 Nonhuman Primates

2 courses are required

One of the courses must be:
L48 Anthro 150A 3.00 Introduction to Human Evolution (NS) Annually / FL2017
Select 1:
L48 Anthro 3661 3.00 Primate Biology (NS) Annually / FL2017
L48 Anthro 406 3.00 Primate Ecology and Social Structure (NS) Every 2 Years / FL2017
L48 Anthro 434 6.00 Behavioral Research at the St. Louis Zoo (NS, WI) Every 2 Years / SP2017