Creating an Event Post

Add an event post that you can highlight by itself or as part of a calendar.

  If you want to include an address and Google map on your event detail page, you’ll need to add a location first.

Create a new event

Go to Dashboard > Events > Add New Event or, from the black admin bar at the top of any page, go to New > Event.

Add a title and description

In the first field at the top of the page, enter a title; this is the name of your event.

Add a description of the event using the visual editor (the large box with the toolbar above it).

Event details

In the the Event Details section, use the dropdown menu to select whether your event is Regular (only happening once), Recurring, or Multi-day.

Set the date(s), time and recurrence, if applicable.


Include an Excerpt, a short summary of the event that acts as a teaser on the event snippet, the preview shown on calendars.

If you don’t enter an excerpt, the first 55 words of your event description will become the excerpt, which may or may not be the best summary of the event. 


Go to Event Location section, on the right side of the screen. Use the dropdown menu to select an event location.

If you haven’t created any locations yet, you’ll only see –Select location — in the dropdown menu.

To create an event location, save your event as a draft, go create an event location, then return to the event.


Create and assign categories under Event Categories on the right side of the screen.

Learn more about the benefits of creating categories and how to create them »

Featured image

Show people what they have to look forward to by adding a Featured Image, which will show up on the event’s detail page.

To display an image, go to the Featured Image box on the right side of the screen and click Set featured image.

Upload or select an image from the Media Gallery that is at least 760 pixels wide.

Save, preview, publish

  • In the Publish box in the top right corner, click the gray Save Draft button to save your work.
  • Click the Preview button to see what your Event’s post detail page will look like in a new tab/window; note that you will not see the excerpt here as it only appears on the snippet.
  • Exit out of the preview tab/window.
  • If you’re ready for your Event post to be publicly viewable, click the blue Publish button; new changes can be published by clicking Update.

Where will my event appear?

When you create an event, it will appear automatically on any pages where you’ve inserted a calendar or category list that applies to that event.

Example A

  • You create a new event and categorize it under “Seminars.”
  • On a page titled “Calendar,” you have inserted a calendar that shows events from all categories.
  • The new event you created will appear on that calendar automatically. You do not need to add it manually.

Example B

  • You create a new event and categorize it under “Seminars.”
  • On a page about student social events, you have a category list inserted that only shows events tagged “Social Events.”
  • The new event you created would not appear on that category list.


An event’s detail page includes its title, date, time and full description information, as well as an address and Google map (if added).

Event on a calendar

Popup window from calendar

When you click on an event in a calendar, it creates a popup window that overlays the calendar with a brief description of the event.

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