Creating a Place Post

Create a post that includes an address and link to get directions.

Places is a type of content that allows you to create multiple entries that can be grouped, filtered and formatted similarly. It is part of the People, Places and Items plugin.

Parts of a Place Post


A Place’s tile includes a photo, name, brief description, address, contact information and summary.

It can link to a post detail page (see below), a different website or nothing at all.

Where it appears
  • When inserted on a page using the PPI: Individual element
  • When inserted on a page as part of a list using the PPI: List element
  • At the top of the Place’s post detail page, minus the summary

Post detail page (optional)

The post detail page, should you create one, is the Place’s page on your site. It can be accessed through a Place’s tile or any other links pointing to it.

The tile appears at the top of the post detail page, followed by any text or images entered using the content editor.

Create a new place

Go to Dashboard > Places > Add New, or from the black admin bar at the top of any page, go to New > Place.

Add a title

Type in a title, or name, for your place.

Consider spelling it out and including any nickname or acronym in parentheses, i.e. Danforth University Center (DUC).

Brief description

In the Additional Information section, you can add a brief description of the place to display under its name on the tile.

Linking offsite (optional)

By default, the name on the tile links to the place’s post detail page.

If you would like the name to link to a different URL, like the place’s official website, enter that link in the External URL field.

If you don’t want the tile to link to its post detail page or an external URL, consider adjusting your PPI settings.


Next in the Additional Information section is a large text box labeled Summary.

The summary only appears on the tile, which appears when a Place is inserted on a page using the PPI: Individual element or inserted on a page as part of a list using the PPI: List element.

It does not appear on the post detail page. So, if you want the same information to show on the post detail page, too, you’ll need to copy and paste it into the content editor (the next large text box with a toolbar above it, toward the bottom of the page).

Add body text

Skip this step if you included an external URL or plan to adjust your settings so that tiles don’t link to the post detail pages.

Use the default WordPress page editor or Tailor to add and format the body content of the post detail page.

Physical location

In the Places Fields section, enter your place’s physical location in the Location/Map field above the Google Map.

The address you enter will display on the tile and create a Google Maps link for the Get Directions button.

Mailing address and contact information

If your place’s mailing address is different than the physical address, you can enter it underneath the map in the fields labeled Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, etc.

Next, you can add a Phone and Fax number.

The address and contact information will display on the place’s tile under the brief description.


If you plan to display or filter places by type, create and assign categories under Places Categories in the column on the right side of the screen.

Image or map

You can show a thumbnail image or a mini map on your Place’s tile.

To show an image, go to the Featured Image box in the column on the right side of the screen and click Set featured image.

Upload or select an image from the Media Gallery that is at least 460 x 310 pixels.

To show a mini map of the place’s location instead of an image, you’ll need to adjust the settings for Places.

Save, preview, publish

  • In the Publish box in the top right corner, click the gray Save Draft button to save your work
  • Click the Preview button to see what your Place’s post detail page will look like in a new tab/window; note that you will not see their summary since that content only appears on the tile
  • Exit out of the preview tab/window
  • If you’re ready for your Place post to be publicly viewable, click the blue Publish button; new changes can be published by clicking Update


This tile for the Eric P. Newman Education Center includes an image, title, brief description, address and Get Directions button. A summary was not entered, so there is no summary on the tile.

If you click on the place’s title, you’ll go to its post detail page.

Eric P. Newman Education Center

Conference center on the medical campus

External link   

If you click on the botanical garden’s title, you’ll be taken to its website, since it was entered in the External URL field.

Missouri Botanical Garden

The most beautiful place in St. Louis

Physical vs. mailing address

The Program in Audiology & Communication Sciences’ physical address is 4560 Clayton Ave., represented by the location pin icon. It controls the link for the Get Directions button. The mailing address has an envelope icon.

Not recommended

In this example for the Kemper Art Museum, the physical and mailing address are the same but were entered twice, so they show up twice.

Kemper Art Museum

Part of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Up next

After you’ve created a Place post, you can add the Place’s tile to a page. Create a few more Place posts, and you’re ready to add a list (or grid) of tiles to a page.

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