Choosing an Edit Mode: Default or Tailor

When you add content to the body of a page or post, you can use either the default content editor or Tailor page builder.

The default mode for editing pages and posts uses the content editor. This mode is simple and straightforward and may be all you need to add content to your site. However, if you want to get fancy, get out those glitter pens and opt for Tailor.

Below, behold two versions of the same page on the Medical Public Affairs website. The page on the left was created in the default content editor; the page on the right was built using Tailor:

Screenshot of page with large image at the top, several paragraphs and a bulleted list

This image shows a page created using the default content editor. (Click to enlarge.)

Screenshot showing page with a large image at the top, several paragraphs and two rows of three icons with text underneath each icon.

This image shows the same page built using simple Tailor elements. The bulleted list has been re-arranged as six separate content elements stacked in rows. (Click to enlarge.)


Though more visually striking, the Tailor layout (on the right) is not as easy to read as the default editor layout. Furthermore, the addition of icons requires a team member (or freelancer) with design skills. Choose the option that makes the most sense for your content and abilities.

All pages, no matter their edit mode, are created following the same first steps.
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Why use the default content editor?

The default content editor is your best bet for pages and posts with a straightforward, linear arrangement. The editor includes a standard suite of formats and styles.

For example, in the default editor you can create a page with:

  • A featured image across the top
  • Text styling for introductory paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, block quotes, disclaimers and more
  • Buttons and links
  • Videos and images 
  • Forms
  • Call-out boxes (like the green box above)

A page would need to “upgrade” to Tailor only if it would benefit from additional Tailor elements.

Why use Tailor?

Tailor allows you to create custom page layouts by arranging elements such as cards, billboards and lists of people, places or items. You can use Tailor to customize pages as well as posts.

You can also save layouts as templates to use for other pages, creating a consistent, unified look across your website.

Tailor is activated on a page-by-page basis, so you can pick and choose which pages warrant Tailor without affecting how you update the rest of your site.

Look out, though – Tailor can be tricky!

  Once you’ve edited a page in Tailor, it’s best to stick with Tailor.

If you Tailor a page and then make edits using the default content editor, the changes you made in the default editor will be overwritten the next time you Tailor that page

Not sure? Start with the default editor

If you’ve already added content to a page, it’s much easier to switch from the default editor to Tailor than it is to revert from Tailor to the default editor. If you’re not sure how to proceed, we recommend starting with the default editor.