Ancient World Civilizations

This cluster is designed to provide the student with a broad overview of the origins of the world’s first civilizations.After a general survey of ancient cultures, the student enrolls in follow-up courses that begin with the origins of particular civilizations, as understood primarily from prehistoric evidence, and continue to examine the transition to pristine conquest states as understood from our earliest written records.

Notes: ARC 200C should be taken first.

2 courses are required

1 of the courses must be:
L52 ARC 200C 3.00 World Archaeology: Global Perspectives on the Past (TH, CD) Annually / FL2017

Select 1:
L52 ARC 310C 3.00 Ancient Civilizations of the New World (TH, CD) Annually / SU2016
L48 Anthro 3122 3.00 From Country to Heavy Metal: Ancient Civilizations of the Old World (SS) Every 1 or 2 Ye / SP2012