Adding Tailor Elements

Use the Tailor page builder to drag and drop elements onto a page to create a custom layout.

Adding new pages

If you’re creating a new page, follow the steps for adding a page first. This page provides instructions for step seven: Add body content > Tailor page builder.

Pick a page to Tailor

  • New page: If you create a new page to Tailor, you’ll need to save it as a draft or publish it before the Tailor button appears above the toolbar.
  • Existing page: If you click the Tailor button on a page you’ve previously worked on using the default WordPress page editor, all of the content will be converted into a Content block. 

Click the button above the toolbar Tailor this Page (or Post, etc.) to begin.

Choose an element

Click Elements in the Tailor panel that appears on the left side of the screen to expand a list of options

Drag and drop into place

When you drag an element onto the page, you’ll see a blue guide line appear to show you where the element will drop.

Repeat the drag-and-drop process to create a row with multiples of the same element.

Or create a row with different types of elements.

Edit the element

Edit the element’s content following the instructions for the that specific element.

Follow this link for a list of tutorials for all Tailor elements:
Access Tailor element tutorials »


You can change an element’s location after the initial drag and drop.

  • Click on the element; a blue outline should appear around the element.
  • Drag and drop it to the new desired location.

The blue guidelines will show you where the item will drop relative to other elements on the page (to the left, right, above or below).

Add more elements

Delete elements you don't need

To delete an element, simply click on it near the top right corner, and click Delete.

By default, when you first begin to Tailor a page or post, there will be a Content element at the top of the page with placeholder text. You can keep it and edit the text, or delete it.

Save your changes

The blue button for saving your changes is located at the top of the Tailor panel on the left side of the screen.

If the page has already been published, the blue button will say Save & Publish. Click this, and your changes go live!

If the button just says Save, you still need to publish the page:

  • Click Save, then click the black X in the top left corner to return to the default WordPress page editor.
  • From there, you can click Publish in the top right corner.

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