Adding Event Locations

Locations must be created first before they can be added to an event.

Getting started

  • Go to Dashboard > Events > Locations.
  • At the top of the page, to the right of Locations, click Add New Location.

Name your location

Enter a title for the location, i.e. Danforth University Center.

Leave the visual editor (the big text box with the toolbar) blank.

Enter the address

In the Select a Location box, click the Google Map button.

Type in the location information in the fields provided (Address, City, State…) to the right of the map.

This will be the text that displays as the location’s address.

Activate the Google Map

In the field on top of the map that says Enter a query, type in the address again. 

Move the location pin, if necessary. For example, multiple locations have the address 1 Brookings Dr., so you may need to move the pin to the correct building.

If you forget to type in the address in the field on top of the map, only the address text will appear on the event detail page.

Event with Google map

Event without Google map


Click the blue Publish button in the top right corner of the page.

Up next

Once you’ve created an Event Location, it will appear as an option in the Event Location dropdown menu when editing an event post.

Creating an Event Post

Add an event post that you can highlight by itself or as part of a calendar.

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