Adding a List of Events to a Page

Add a list of all upcoming events or from one or more categories.

Use this tutorial to embed a list of events on a page. To add a calendar, follow the tutorial for adding a calendar.

Getting started

Events can only be added via the toolbar in the default WordPress editor.

Adding one or more events to a new page

Create the page. If you plan to Tailor it, add the event(s) first while still in the default WordPress editor.

Then, when you go to Tailor the page, the event(s) will appear within a Content element, and you can add more elements as you normally would.

Adding one or more events to an existing page

Go to the page where you want to insert the event(s). If it hasn’t been Tailored, proceed to the next step.

If a page has been Tailored, adding a single event or events by category in the default WordPress editor will cause those edits to be overwritten the next time you Tailor the page.

To avoid this problem, create a new page, save it as a draft, and proceed to the next step. There will be special instructions at the end for Tailored pages.

Select “Events List”

In the visual editor toolbar, click on the calendar button. From the dropdown menu, select Events List.

Choose events

A popup menu will appear. There, you can choose which events to show in the list and how many.

To show:

All upcoming events

Leave everything blank and unchecked.

Upcoming events from 1 or more categories or tags

Check the relevant boxes for the category/ies or tag/s you want to appear in the list.

A limited number of upcoming events

Type in the number of events to display. For example, on a homepage, 3-5 might be good.

Click the OK button.

Preview your event(s)

What appears will be a shortcode, or snippet of code, in brackets that looks something like [calendarp-events-list] or [calendarp-events-list category=”11″].

Only you see this code and only while editing the page.

Click Preview in the top right corner of the page to see what site visitors will see.

Special instructions: Tailored pages

  1. Copy the shortcode from your draft page.
  2. Go to the Tailored page where you want to add the event(s) and Tailor it.
  3. Add a Content element, then click to Edit the element.
  4. In the Text tab of the visual editor, paste the shortcode.
  5. Click the blue Apply button.


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