The WashU Web Theme is highly flexible, but some limitations are in place to protect its integrity and functionality, ensure a strong relationship to the Washington University in St. Louis brand identity and provide a consistent experience for visitors.

Theme standards

The addition of unapproved colors, typefaces, brand marks or layouts to your site may conflict with usability, accessibility or brand standards.

As a theme user, you agree to preserve the following theme standards.

Header and footer

  • Limit the number of pages in the main navigation menu to prevent them from wrapping onto a second line.
  • Keep logos out of the footer, with the exception of hospital partner logos when approved for School of Medicine websites.

Fonts and colors

Modifying styles such as fonts, text sizes and colors can break pages and make a site appear off-brand.

Please reserve custom coding for personal projects. These tips may help you achieve your goals within brand standards:

  • Use the “paste as text” tool to avoid inserting styles inadvertently, i.e. when copying content from a Word document, email or other website.
  • To call out important information, use the Tailor billboard element or the default content editor’s call-out box.

Terms of use

Websites created or hosted through WashU Sites are governed by a usage policy. The university reserves the right to remove or edit any content published through WashU Sites.

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