Use pages for relatively static content that makes up the architecture of your site.

Pages are one of several content types available in the WashU Web Theme. Other content types — built with specific layouts and features — include people, places, items, posts and events. Explore content options » 

Unlike other content types, pages do not use categories and they are not dated. Each page “lives” in a single location on your site; this location is where the page appears in the navigation menu, and it’s also reflected in the page’s URL. Pages can have children (very happy occasions!); these child/sub-pages appear in the menu in the right sidebar.

For example, the main pages on this website are 1) Features, 2) Guides & Tutorials and 3) Training & Support. Each of those main pages have child pages, such as this one.

Creating and editing pages

All pages initially are created the same way. After you’ve saved a page, you’ll select a method for editing your page’s body content: using the default content editor or the Tailor page builder.

Adding New Pages

Use pages for relatively static content that makes up the architecture of your site.

Choosing an Edit Mode: Default or Tailor

When you add content to the body of a page or post, you can use either the default content editor or Tailor page builder.

Formatting Text in the Content Editor

The content editor is the main editing box used to add and format text in the body of a page, post or Tailor element.

Adding Tailor Elements

Use the Tailor page builder to drag and drop elements onto a page to create a custom layout.

Editing Pages or Posts

Update pages or posts you've already saved as drafts or published.

Duplicating Pages & Posts

Copy, or clone, an existing page, post or other content type.