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Getting started

Familiarize yourself with the theme standards to help us provide a consistent user experience among sites using the theme.

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Quick start guide

Refer to this guide to cover all the basics, from first login to glorious launch.

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Web best practices

From setting goals to Google rankings, get tips to step up your web game.

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Adding content

You have several options for adding content to your site. Pages make up the basic structure of your site. In addition, you can use different post types that have features and layouts for specific kinds of content, such as news or a blog, a calendar of events, and filterable lists of people, places or items.

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Use pages for relatively static content that makes up the architecture of your site. Pages might include About, Learning Opportunities and Research Projects.

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Posts (for news, blog, etc.)

Add news articles or blog posts to your site to keep your audience up-to-date on your work or perspectives. Posts are dated and have the option to use categories.

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People, places and items

Use these post types to organize groups of similar content into directories, filterable lists and more. You may see this tool called PPI for short.

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Include visuals to help tell your story. This guide includes information about images, from finding great shots to sizing and adding them to your website.

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Events calendar

If you have several – or many! – events a year, use this post type to display and embed events on a calendar and throughout your site.

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Make communications easy for your users. Use this tool to create web forms for contact pages, applications, event registrations and more.

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Choosing an edit mode: Default or Tailor

Every time you create a new page, you can choose to edit it using the Tailor page builder or the default WordPress editor.

See guide to edit modes

Tailor page builder

Tailor is an editing option that includes drag-and-drop features like cards, billboards, lists and carousels.

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Launching your site

Use these checklists to make sure everything is ready to go, then get ready to show your site off to the world.

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