Menus are the links that appear in the “framework” of your site that allow visitors to find and navigate to pages.

Since the WashU Web Theme is responsive to different screen widths, site menus change location and appearance based on a user’s screen size.

On a desktop computer / larger window

The main/primary/header menu displays horizontally across the site’s header on a desktop computer. The main menu lists all top-level pages (i.e., pages without a parent page).

The subnavigation/submenu/secondary menu is listed in the main menu’s dropdowns, as well as the right sidebar. Submenus list child pages of each parent page.

In this screenshot, the user is viewing Child Page 1, child of Parent Page. Child Page 1 has two sub-pages – Secondary Child 1 and 2 – which are listed in the sidebar menu. These third-level pages do not appear in the dropdown menu, though. Fourth-level pages don’t appear in the site menu at all.

On a mobile device / smaller window

Site menus are combined under a menu icon (also called a hamburger icon) at the top right of smaller screens, such as mobile phones.

Users can tap the icon to see the main menu, then tap the right-arrow to see subpages.

This screenshot shows how visitors access and drill down into the site menu on a mobile device.