Spotlight is a separate homepage and header setting that dramatically alters the impact of your homepage. This layout puts the most important message on your homepage front-and-center where it can’t be missed.

Key features include:

  • Expanded featured image. The expanded featured image is twice the height of the standard featured image, so it fills the entire browser window. The expanded image appears only on the homepage.
  • Text box overlaying the image. The text box includes a headline, text and button, so visitors can engage within seconds of landing on your site.
  • Condensed site header and menu. The condensed header allows content to appear higher on the page. On the homepage, the featured image shows through the transparent menu.

The expanded featured image creates a full-screen “splash” effect, drawing the eye to the message in the center text box. Whether you’re promoting an event or recruiting new members, this layout allows visitors to engage with your most important call-to-action immediately after reaching your homepage.

Spotlight in action

Promoting an upcoming event

Desktop view

Mobile view